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Call (888) 7-MOVE-MEShort sales in Temecula are less and less prolific these days. During the market crash and recovery, a considerable percentage of the real estate market were short sales. But a short sale is still a viable option if you're still under-water. There are many terms for a short sale, for example "short pay", "distressed short sale" or "pre-foreclosure" houses or homes. You may even be unsure if you need to short sale or wash sale, which is breaking even after the sale. So if you are asking 'How do I short sell my house', you have come to the right place. We are Short Sale Agents/Experts, and we can help you negotiate a lower sale amount than you owe, negotiate with your mortgage bank(s), and sell that upside-down property.

What is a Short Sale Negotiator/Temecula Short Sell Agent?

Short Sale Specialist REALTORSWe know how to read current Temecula house listings and Temecula real estate listings to determine the best price to offer your mortgage lender to ensure a short sale approval. Most banks and lenders do not want to foreclose because a real estate foreclosure sale can cost them up to $50,000 and more! Per property! When a bank forecloses, the home becomes bank-owned, or real estate owned, also known as a foreclosure. At that point the house is the responsibility of the bank, which means the bank is responsible for upkeep, interior and exterior damage, vandalism, utilities, and anything else that can cost the bank money or time. Not to mention there are many Temecula home listings for the bank to compete with when attempting a foreclosure sale.

Real Estate Short Sale Services in Temecula, California

If you want to know how to short sale your house in Temecula (short pay my house), we are Certified Foreclosure & Short Sale Real Estate Agents and Temecula Short Sale Specialists (Temecula Short Sell Agents/REALTORS®), and we can help you. Get help from an experienced specialist who knows how to process, negotiate and successfully sell a short sale, and knows the effects on your financial health and credit.

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Find Out if You Qualify for a Temecula Short Sale

Each situation is different, and every Temecula house has variables that greatly effect a short sale and its potential short sale success. With our extensive short sale experience and knowledge we have developed a Real Estate Short Sale Formula that can help determine if you are a good candidate to short sale your Temecula home.

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