Welcome to the new GarrigusRealEstate.com! We're happy you found our new website here! A while ago, we realized that many of the websites and home listings on the Internet are geared towards getting leads, but not developed for the usability of its users!

We feel that is unacceptable. If a real estate website is created to attract a home buyer or seller, it should serve those consumers first and foremost. Honestly, consumers will not stick around long anyways if a website isn't giving them what they want. And that is exactly what our mission is: to create a real estate website for California consumers that they not only stick around to use, but they also enjoy using!

No tricks. No slick deceiving links with "click bait". We just want to provide the best platform for listings, real estate market data, news and anything else that helps a consumer find what they are looking for. So what does that include? Here's a few examples of what we will provide on this website:

California Real Estate Listings

First and foremost, we offer listings of houses and other real estate for sale. What's a real estate website without listings? GarrigusRealEstate.com will always display the most comprehensive listings we can provide. We are a California real estate brokerage, so we focus specifically on California listings. We also offer an Advanced Home Search. It was engineered to provide a multitude of search criteria to choose from. Its perfect for someone searching homes and real estate that wants to detail exactly what they're looking for, and get those results!

We also insisted that this website work well with all forms of devices, including desktops, mobile devices like cell phones and iPads, or anything else with a web browser! Not to brag, but this website works great on smartphones! (OK, I bragged a little...)

Data, and Market Reports

Today's real estate consumer is intelligent and informed. We in the real estate industry owe them full transparency and data about what's happening in the neighborhoods and markets they are interested in. That's why our Housing Market Reports are comprehensive and detailed. They are also customizable, so a consumer can dig into the data as far as they want to go. Don't tell anyone, but this can be your secret weapon for understanding your neighborhood, and any other community you're interested in!

Agents On-Demand

What are Agents On-Demand? They are members of our real estate team, dedicated to assisting you, when you need it! That's why our main company phone number (888) 7-MOVE-ME is ready to connect you to any of our agents ready to help you, when you call. Even if you call right now!

Real Home Values & On-Demand, Instant Home Values

Do you want to know what your home value is? Do you want the valuation instantly, On-Demand? You can use our instant On-Demand Home Value tool. Would you like a more detailed report, prepared by hand, by real REALTORS®? We also offer our Real Home Value reports, prepared by hand, by actual REALTORS®, free of charge and with no obligation to list or sell with our company.

But Wait, There's More!

We also try to provide as much information to consumers regarding short sales, foreclosures, land, real estate laws and other governmental regulations, events, or anything else that affects housing. Our goal is to make this website your go-to for anything California real estate you need.

So how can we help? You can either explore GarrigusRealEstate.com, call us now at (888) 7-MOVE-ME, or contact us using the comment section below. And thank you for coming by and reading my blog post!


-Todd J Garrigus

Garrigus Real Estate